Cigar Review of Romeo y Julieta 1875

Romeo y Julieta

One of the true great brands in the industry, Romeo y Julieta is known and respected for their attention to detail and quality in construction.  Romeo y Julieta was originally comprised of cuban seed tobacco, but  like many of the most popular brands, long ago production was moved the Dominican in order to import the precious cigars to the United States.

Origin: Cuba/Dominican Republic

MSRP: $3.00-$5.00/ea.

Wrapper: Indonesian Shade Grown

Size: 6.1″ x 50

Lighting and Construction: This cigar, has definitely reached my top five list for quality of construction.  The wrapper was tight yet smooth, and nearly flawless with virtually no veins.  Even after spending months in my “premiums” humidor the cigar never truly became softened, but held its integrity and had what seemed to be a perfect consistency of moisture.  Prior to lighting, I cut the cigar with a double bladed guillotine cutter.

1st 1/3: Beginning the first third, the Romeo needed a little coaxing to become fully lit, but once lit it burned at a medium rate.  The cigar was smooth and milky, with a nice medium draw.  The first third revealed a pepper that scorched the tongue and blazed the nasal cavities with intensity.

2nd 1/3: The second third delivered a delicious creaminess that was paired with a light hazelnut aroma that poured from the cigars smoke.  The consistency in the draw, and even burn line continued throughout this third.

Final 1/3: At this point, the cigar had been going strong for close to an hour, and the consistency in the draw, burn and flavor were exactly the same as when it had begun.  The finish was remarkably strong and consistent, and even as I encountered the band where many cigars begin to overheat the mouth, draw after draw remained cool and flavorful.

Conclusion: The 1875 is a remarkable cigar, a very predictable smoke that probably delivers exactly what smokers are expecting it will time after time.  I feel that this would serve as a “go to” cigar for many smokers who enjoy a mild bodied smoke with some level of complexity within the thirds. The reliability of this cigar has given me some insight as to why the brand has etched out a legendary status of quality within the cigar world that we love.  I encourage any mild or medium loving smokers to pick one of these up, and enjoy it for yourself.

Rating: 8.4 / 10

Romeo y Julieta 1875

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