Cigar Review of Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne

Perdomo Champagne

Nick Perdomo Jr. is the third generation of cigar artisans within his family, and has continued the legacy with much pride.  Celebrating 10 years in existence the Perdomo family came out with the 10th anniversary line, which is actually a seasonal cigar despite often being readily available through most brick and mortars or online sites.

Origin: Nicaragua

MSRP: $4.00-$6.00/ea.

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Size: 6.0″ x 54 Epicure

Lighting and Construction: The Perdomo Champagne was solidly constructed, beautiful in appearance with an ever so slight glaze from oils.  Opting to punch the cigar, I slowly pressed on the the punch through the cap attempting to avoid any cracking, and the Champagne proved to have as rigid of a cap as I initially thought.  Despite the solid construction, and using a precision Xikar butane lighter the Perdomo lit slightly uneven.  This cigar had perhaps one of the easiest draws I’ve ever experienced, thus, making it a relaxing and near effortless cigar.

1st 1/3: The initial third began with a light, airy cream that was accompanied by hints of pepper.  The smoke was so smooth and delicious that it could substitute for many desserts I’ve had at restaurants, and possibly be more satisfying at the same time.  The taste of almond butter and hazelnut coffee flooded my palate.  The burn on the cigar began slightly uneven, but revealed a honey gray colored ash that stayed faithfully on the end of the cigar.

Perdomo Champagne

2nd 1/3: This third really kicked in some serious pepper and spice, close to mimicking carbonation from actual Champagne, making one wonder just why this cigar is titled what it is titled.  Hints of cream lingered in the background, and I looked forward to exhaling the smoke every time in anticipation of the creamy mellowness. The burn did require a minor adjustment in this third, but after correcting it was nice and even.

Final 1/3: The burn was consistent with the first two, and would finish extremely smooth and mellow.  The airy and peppery sensations would stay strong but would never be overbearing or harsh.  The burn remained consistent and did not require any further corrections aside from the initial.

Conclusion: This is an excellent tasting cigar, and seemed to be very reliable upon my first encounter with it.  The construction was solid, and the flavor profile was delicious.  If you are a coffee drinker, this may be a great weekend smoke when you can pair it up with your favorite coffee.  For those of us who may not be so fond of coffee, this is an excellent after meal dessert cigar, and I highly recommend picking one up.

Lastly, please leave your opinion if you smoke this cigar, and what you thought of this review!

Rating:  8.7  / 10


Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne


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