Cigar Review of Leon Jimenes Winter Wind

Winter Winds

La Aurora, is the creator of the line of Leon Jimenes Gourmet Tins that showcase a collection including, Cafe Coretto, Cafe Macchiato and the Winter Wind which is featured here.  These cigars are the definition of a quick smoke, something to enjoy after dinner or in between a busy day when you need a relaxing experience.

Origin: Dominican Republic

MSRP: $25.00-29.00 /5 tins of 10 each.

Wrapper: Natural

Size: 4″ x 30

Lighting and Construction: The tiny Leon Jimenes is made by La Aurora, and comes packed in a classic style tin with 10 individually wrapped cigars. The small cigars are perfectly wrapped, with minimal oil and they appear to be cut at both ends, allowing for you to actually smoke from either side.  The aroma from the Winter Winds, is captivating, and you can smell the cigars as soon as the wrapping is removed from the outside of the tin.  Lighting these little cigars is almost effortless, and in an instant your enjoying clouds of minty smoke all around you.

1st 1/3: Once the Winter Wind was lit, I was immediately met with a massive amount of herbal mint and delicious tobacco. Unbelievably, the cigar has consistently proven to have an excellent burn line and held low heat levels throughout the first third.

2nd 1/3: The second third continued to blast my palate with a fresh arctic mint accompanied by subtle hints of eucalyptus and tobacco.  The construction continued to prove to be excellent, and the burn line was perfectly even and needed absolutely no attention.

Tin of "10"

Final 1/3: The final third of the Winter Wind finished exactly as it had started and never allowed for a lack of flavor.  Approaching the band, the cigar does become slightly hotter as one would expect.  Considering the small stature of the cigar and the minimal amount of smoke time, it held up very well.

Conclusion: The Winter Wind is a pleasant surprise, and is perhaps the most well rounded flavored cigar on the market.  It is perfect for those who entertain, as enthusiasts and occasional smokers alike will enjoy and respect the quality of these little beauties.  As for those who do not smoke, they too will be captivated by the amazing minty aroma that results from the small Winter Wind. If you have yet to try these, I highly encourage you to purchase 50-100 of these 10 minute smokes!  Share these with friends, family or neighbors and enjoy them for yourself! You will not be disappointed, I promise you.

Please let me know your thoughts on the Winter Winds and this review.

Rating: 8.8 / 10

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