Cigar Review of the Padron 1926 80th Anniversary Natural

Origin: Nicaragua

MSRP: $13.00-$17.00/ea.

Wrapper: Sun Grown Natural

Size: 4.75 ″ x 50  Robusto

Lighting and Construction: This cigar was well built and sturdy with very few protruding veins considering the wrapper was yielding some tightly packed tobacco. The 1926 was heavy in hand, with a light and oily grit that coated the leaf from tip to foot.  Using a butane torch lighter, I began to light the Padron in the cool summer night air, and within a few moments clouds of smoke danced into the black sky.

1st 3rd: Now lit, the 1926 immediately hit me with a rush of spice and pepper to the nasal cavities. The aroma of spice and earth was powerful yet not overbearing and despite the heavy packing it had light and mild resistance in the draw.  Towards the end of the initial third hints milk and honey were beginning to introduce themselves to the spicy cigar’s flavor profile.  In this short amount of time, I began to feel a slight tobacco buzz from the shear strength of the legendary Padron.  The burn line in this first third was razor sharp around the entirety of the cigar, reflecting the cigar’s superb quality and construction.

Padron 1926


2nd 1/3: The second third continued to pack a serious punch with mounds of spices and a deep robust body.  I began to notice a strong kick in the nasal passagess, as every flavor was intensified twice over.  Already enjoying a slight buzz from this cigar, it continued on its relentless path towards giving me a serious cigar high.  In the previous third, the burn line was excellent, however, this beauty did go array ever so slightly yet needed no attention or adjustments.


Final 1/3: The 1926 traveled into it’s last leg of life with the same power and strength that it originally had when first lit.  The flavors remained bold and strong which made them very easy to distinguish.  The pepper and spices were at times close to overwhelming, and the head buzz from the shear strength of the 26 had really began to take it’s toll on me.  The Padron had a splendid finish, where I actually could taste the flavors intensify for a small period of time while the body remained bold and strong.  The construction remained solid as the band was peeled off and the Padron was taken down to the nub.


Conclusion: Simply put, the Padron 1926 is everything it’s reputation claims it is.  It’s bold, spicy, full bodied, intense and made with precision and exactness that has become expected from the family.  However, it is not a cigar one should smoke on a whim or alongside a 5 course meal, as it’s power mixed on a full stomach could make one feel sick very quickly.  Let me be clear, setting the high price point aside, this cigar is simply not for beginners and the occasional cigar smoker could easily find themselves in a world of trouble when this cigar kicks into high gear.  Keep in mind, that the aforementioned cigar is only a Robusto, and that the Belicoso or Perfecto versions are much larger and would require even more time and smoking to finish.  Those of you whom consider yourselves to be seasoned and grizzled veterans, I highly suggest picking a 26 up for your humidor.  I received mine as a gift, and allowed it over a year to age in my premiums humidor before smoking it.

Rating: 9.3/ 10

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