Brick House

Brick House

J.C. Newman Cigar Company was founded in 1895 and remains as America’s oldest family owned cigar manufacturer.  As a tribute to J.C. and one of his earliest creations, Eric and Bobby Newman re-released the Brick House cigar.  Evidently, J.C. Newman and his family had the towns only brick structured house, which coincidentally doubled as the local tavern which would prove to be his initial inspiration.  Originally, the “Brick House” cigar was handmade in Cuban from some of the finest Havana tobaccos.  This revived cigar brand is now blended from Nicaraguan tobaccos and Havana Subido wrappers leaves.



MSRP: $4.00-$6.00/ea.

Wrapper: Natural

Size: 5 ″ x 54 Robusto

Lighting and Construction:  Smooth, caramel colored wrapped that was gently glazed in a oil.  It had several pronounced veins flowing through it, representing a large leaf that was used to wrap the cigar.   Interestingly, you’ll notice a massive split through the cigar that runs up and into the cap.  Despite being carefully kept in a well humidified humidor, the cigar split at some point during the aging process.  Regardless, I moved forward with the review process, and the cigar lit with ease and had a very nice and light draw that allowed for plenty of smoke. 

1st 3rd:  In the initial third, immediate hints of milk, honey and caramel would be detected.  Quality construction was apparent by the flawless burn line and a consistent draw that allowed for a fair amount of smoke.  At this point, the cigar was mild to medium in body and the flavors were well represented but not overwhelmingly bold.  Surprisingly, the crack through the cap was of no serious consequence when smoking the robusto.



2nd 1/3:  Venturing into the second third, the sweet caramel flavor would remain the most dominant characteristic of the cigar.  Approaching the half way point, the Brick House did need a minute adjustment to the burn line.  However, this issue would prove to be purely aesthetic and had no imposition on the performance of the cigar. 


Final 1/3: The final third was homogeneous of the first two, and would silence any questions of doubt regarding the construction in this cigar, despite the unflattering crack that the stick had been scarred with.  The flavor profile began to morph, and small hints of pepper trickled into the mixture. Despite the cigar never actually eclipsing the category of medium body, the hints of ingredients would remain flavorful throughout the entirety of the cigar and the finish.

Brick House Robusto


Conclusion: Considering the Brick House was cracked prior to even lighting it, I certainly had my reservations and prejudices regarding this particular cigar.  While I would refrain from saying I was elated with the Brick House, I considered the cigar to be an enjoyable  smoke.  I believe the price point has been adequately represented and would admit that while purchasing a quantity of more than 5 would not be recommended, I feel like picking one up sometime and trying it for yourself would probably be worth the effort and cost.

Rating: 8.3/ 10

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