Cigar Review of H. UPMANN 1844 Vintage Cameroon

Origin: Dominican Republic

MSRP: $4.50-5.50/ea.

Wrapper: Cameroon

Size: 5.0 ″ x 50  Robusto

Lighting and Construction: This cigar came sealed in an amazingly sleek cigar tube that included a fully Spanish cedar sheath around the body of the cigar.  The wrapper was cocoa in color, with a beautiful sheen that proclaimed great construction even from a distance.  This particular specimen sat in the depths of my “Premiums” Ebony Humidor for nearly a year prior to being removed for review.  Opting to use a punch, the cigar needed a little coaxing at the start but once lit it established a razor sharp burn line.  The consistent burn line was met with a nearly pure white ash that held on strongly as the first third began.

1st 3rd: The first third began with robust, earthy notes that allowed for cream to linger in the background.  The cigar had a gentle disposition and heat from the cherry played no factor at this point in the experience.  Hints of cocoa would faintly present themselves every so often, but they were minimally noticed at best.  The vintage Cameroon continued to burn very well.  The cigar was smooth , with an extremely light draw to accompany the smoke that seemed to vanish as it was exhaled.

Vintage Cameroon 1844



2nd 1/3: The second third remained light and airy while the earth tones continued to dominate the overall flavor profile of the H. Upmann.  Circulating through the air was a sweet aroma that even non-smokers would certainly enjoy.   As a generalization, the tones were mellow and mild as the cigar burned through the second third.  While not becoming overly complex,  the excellent construction made it an enjoyable smoke that would need no attention aside from the occasional draw.


Final 1/3: The final third would ante up a slight change in complexity as the cigar dwindled down to a nub.  The same flavor profiles remained true, with a finish that kicked small amounts of pepper onto the tongue.  The last third remained very enjoyable, never becoming too hot or bitter.


Conclusion:  Overall, my experience of the H. Upmann 1844 was enjoyable and interesting.  The cigar probably won’t stun you with puzzling complexities, but it will deliver consistency and solid construction.   The price point is reasonable for a one of, but I would refrain from purchasing an entire box until you’ve experience one at a minimum.


Rating: 8.2/ 10



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