About Us

In mid 2009 , CEO , Brian Hoffmann conceived the initial concept of an online cigar review website, and the preliminary blueprints of CigarSwagger.com were constructed.  Mr. Hoffmann was determined to create not only a premium cigar review site, but to establish an online community for other passionate cigar connoisseurs that would embrace the lifestyle that often accompanies those individuals.

With a background in Communications and design, Mr. Hoffmann’s aim is to create; distinct, informative, opinionated and detail oriented reviews that actually educate members of the site, while  incorporating contemporary style and design.  Adamant that CigarSwagger.com allowed for people to not simply be visitors, but rather members of the site, Mr. Hoffmann has begun the development of a CigarSwagger.com forum and monthly giveaways.

It can be said that the name CigarSwagger.com is representative of  confident, self-assured individuals, whom not only embrace a lifestyle that allows for cigar smoking, luxury watches, fine liquors, great restaurants and a positive approach to life, but one that truly relishes in their own lifestyle, and refuses to be anything else.

The Definition of Swag·ger according to the dictionary:

1. (intr) to walk or behave in an arrogant manner

2. (intr; often foll by about) to brag loudly

3. (tr) Rare to force, influence, etc., by blustering

In reference to CigarSwagger. Com , the definition of Swagger is quite different.


1. An individual that is charismatic by nature.

2. Suave, well groomed and stylish, with a discreet aura of confidence

3. Cultured, articulate, clear communicator

Lastly, by fusing the word Cigar, and our own definition of Swagger, we created CigarSwagger.  Whichever definition that may be applicable to you, it can always be bettered by the accompaniment of a fine Cigar!

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